Faro – a city to (re)discover!

“Faro – a millenary city, by the sea and nature, to (re)discover.”
Municipality of Faro

This is how the Municipality of Faro sets the tone for the (re)discovery of the capital of the Algarve. And we couldn’t agree more!

“Faro’s beaches and the Ria Formosa, where flamingos can be seen taking to the air, mark the border with the sea. On the flat terrain behind are the houses and buildings of Faro, green vegetable plots that thrive on the fertile land and water wheels that were once used to draw water from the ground another reminder of the city’s Moorish heritage. In the distance a semi-circle of gentle hills, their slopes clad with fruit trees, frames the landscape. Villages where life goes on at the same easy pace as in centuries past, where unassuming churches conceal art works of astonishing beauty, where vestiges of the magnificence of the Romans still litter the fields. These are among the charms of Faro and its municipality, an ideal starting point for exciting voyages of discovery.”
Algarve Tourism Board

We wouldn’t be able to choose better words to describe the corners and charms of Faro – a variety of fauna and flora, nature and culture, city and countryside, which invite the discovery – than those used by the Algarve Tourism Board.

One of our favorite areas is the Old Town, known as Vila Adentro. Here we are welcomed by Arco da Vila, mandado construir pelo Bispo D. Francisco Gomes de Avelar no séc. XIX e decorado no exterior por um nicho com a imagem de São Tomás de Aquino, de origem italiana. Inside is the 11th-century Arab Gate, the oldest horseshoe arch in the country, which was the entrance to the walls for those arriving by sea. From there, streets and alleys lead us through the history of the city – from the Cathedral of Faro to the Convent of Our Lady of the Assumption and Municipal Museum, passing by Arco do Repouso and restaurants that are mandatory stop.

Outside of the walls perimeter, there is a different city, renovated after the earthquake of 1755 by a rich nobility and bourgeoisie. Here there is room for wealthy houses, palaces, examples of baroque and rocócó styles, modern buildings, Portuguese sidewalk, busy streets, shops, bars and restaurants.

You can’t miss the Lethes theatre, the Church of Our Lady of Carmo, St. Peter’s Church, Rua de Santo António – the well-known ‘shopping street’-, the Manuel Bívar Garden and exploring the Ria Formosa.

We are passionate about the Algarve and we couldn’t resist choosing Faro as home to our first 5-star hotel, which is also the first 5-star hotel in the city. And so was born, in June 2021, in the heart of the city of Faro, the 3HB Faro that stands out in our portfolio for its urban chic style, welcoming atmosphere and intuitive service.

In the hotel’s architecture, by architect Miguel Abreu, is patent the inspiration in the traditional culture of Algarve, a perfect symmetry between classic and contemporary. Something that is also reflected in the rooms and suites – some with private Jacuzzi – where the design and decoration were thought in detail by renowned interior designer Paulo Lobo.

The hotel has 2 restaurants – Hábito located on the rooftop and Forno Nero near the traditional shopping street of Faro – SPA and gym, meeting rooms and a rooftop with an infinite swimming pool from where you can contemplate the city and the beautiful Ria Formosa. Just 15 minutes away from the Faro International Airpoirt, our hotel enjoys from a privileged location to explore Faro and the entire Algarve region.

Materials such as wood and iron, which simultaneously transmit comfort, refinement and modernity, are mixed with notes that refer to the Algarve culture combining contemporaneity with tradition.

So that you can start planning your next visit to Faro, we share with you the Faro Brochure, from Turismo do Algarve.

Faro awaits you! And we’re here to welcome you.



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