Typical Towns & Villages of the Algarve

There are places in the world where time appears to stand still, and life is on hold. This is the case of these small towns and villages that have preserved their enchantments, and are still a true representation of the old Algarve that seemed lost but is actually more alive than ever – as it continues to surprise all the tourists that come by it.

Here are some of these traditional towns and villages that are worth a visit during your next holidays.

The Portuguese Santorini, always so photogenic. This was a fishermen’s village that currently lives of tourism. Burgau still exhibits many signs of its previous life, now the little white and blue houses are mixed in between the new modern spaces which results in a very unique charm and personality. The beach of Burgau is the main attraction since it is surrounded by cliffs that protect it from the strong wind that is usually felt in this part of Algarve. Find out more about Burgau beach here.

Located in Loulé, Alte stands out in the landscape because of its white houses against the blue sky and the green fields. This is one of the most singular villages of the Algarve for the way it has preserved its authenticity and became a must visit. There are many excursions available to explore the village, appreciate the local architecture, historical heritage, and nature, and above of all to try some local food. Learn more here.


Alcoutim is an historical town that surprises all the visitors for its beauty and cultural heritage. Naturally separated from Spain by the river Guadiana, the village is famous for the ‘Festival do Contrabando’ that honours, through arts and culture, an activity that throughout history was of major importance for the populations living near the borders, so annually the almost empty streets of Alcoutim are transformed by the dozens of thousands of visitors coming from both sides of the river. Find out more about Alcoutim here.


Estoi is a small town in the Algarve, located in the municipality of Faro, but with a wealth of history and architecture. Must-sees include a visit to the Mother Church, the gardens of Estoi Palace and the Roman ruins of Milreu, and a long stroll through the streets of white houses and cobbled roads. Plan your visit to Estoi here.

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