Travel with kids!

Viajar com crianças!

Avoid tantrums and get ready for an unforgettable family holiday!

Those who have children know that traveling with them is a challenge. We share with you some tips that might help you to make your trip more peaceful.


It is important to involve them in the trip preparation! Talk about the trip destination, show them photos and maps, excite them and motivate them with everything new that will happen.

Where to stay?

Location, entertainment, food, comfort, security. Make your own list of requirements and start your Hotel search. Here are our suggestions:

If your perfect holiday include animation for the whole family, good food, comfort and zero concerns we suggest our 3HB CLUBE HUMBRIA. With an all-inclusive package, theme nights, family-friendly activities, kids club and a mini aqua park created for our youngest guests, 3HB Clube Humbria is the ideal place for a fun and carefree family holiday.

If on the other hand you prefer an accommodation that gives you the freedom to explore the surrounding area without worrying about schedules but not giving up comfort, choose 3HB GOLDEN BEACH. Self catering board, comfortable apartments, fully equipped kitchenette, stunning views and a team available to give you the best tips to explore the Algarve. Everything you need to make the most of your family holiday!

If you rather combine the best of both worlds, then you cannot miss 3HB FALÉSIA GARDEN or 3HB FALÉSIA MAR. A privileged location with direct access to the beach, buffet restaurant where you can have breakfast or dinner with stunning views, apartments with equipped kitchenette and activities for kids and adults make it the perfect place for your family holiday.


Try to make the trip or the longest period of the trip during a time when the children are sleepy. If they fall asleep, everything is easier.

Don’t rush!

Leave in time to avoid delays, because children and haste do not combine and try to avoid queues. For example, if you travel by plane, check in online and avoid queuing at the airport.

Keep calm!

Try to be relaxed and keep calm. Children will be children, so they will be hungry, they will be nauseous or have a headache, they will want to go to toilette in the worst possible heights and of course they will make tantrums. So, try to keep calm while traveling. Such calm and relaxation will pass on to your children.

Food & drinks!

We do not want grumpy children so always carry food and water at hand. Always try to bring things that they like and that are easy and simple to eat (fruit and small snacks). Also carry small hidden treats, such as gummy bears or smarties. In stress heights it can make a difference!

Carry little luggage and do not forget the toys!

Take as little luggage as possible. It is essential not to forget one or two of their favourite toys, nappy, pacifier (also take a substitute), or their favourite teddy bear. Take also a card game, a book or download their favourite movie or game.

Take a new toy to surprise them on the trip, and give it only, and only when you feel they are getting bored and grumpy. The surprise factor will distract them for some more time. Buy a practical and small thing that does need much space, such as a colouring book or one of those books that have thousands of activities and stickers!

Always bring with you a change of clothes, wipes, Kleenex and plastic bags. You never know if you will not need them.

Vaccination and medicine.

Health issues normally cause major concerns, especially when children are very small and destinations far away. See your children doctor before traveling and make sure you have all vaccines up to date and according to the chosen destination.

Do not forget first aid kit. Sometimes they just need a quick band aid and a magic kiss, but many insist on getting sick on the holidays and better safe than sorry! Take the essentials.


Relax and enjoy your holidays with your family. They will certainly be unforgettable!