Algarve: Sonhar... Planear... Tornar o sonho realidade!

We're sure you never stopped dreaming about traveling again... And now it's time to start planning to make that dream come true very soon!

The Algarve has also never stopped dreaming of welcoming you again... And now is planning everything to welcome you back very soon!

My lovely Algarve,
For the poet and for the painter
You have plenty of reasons...
Even I, if I got the art,
I wanted to show you to the world
As I feel you and see you.

My lovely Algarve,
Along with your joy,
You have the charming, the magic,
Of Almond tree blossoms.

António Aleixo
Algarve Poet

Algarve. Land of intense flavours, colours, sounds and perfumes. A place of ancient civilizations, tales of Moorish kings and northern princesses.

From here departed in the XV century, sailors discovering new worlds and conquering lands overseas.

Here the ocean is blue, the water is crystal clear, the sand is thin and golden, and the fresh and green mountain is in less than 30 minutes away from the sea.

Here, dance the "corridinho", swim with dolphins, explore a lighthouse, or, just lie on the beach and relax with the sound of the waves while soaking up all the energy from this very special place.

A place of stories, discoveries, magic and emotions - a unique destination to explore.

This is a region marked by its history, culture, people's authenticity and customs related to the ocean and the mountains. A region that reflects the history of a country through its 16 counties, each with a unique identity.

Travel with us, guided by the Algarve Tourism Board, through these 16 municipalities and start planning your next holiday now:



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A turquoise sea bounded by ochre cliffs and soft, sandy beaches. Bunches of grapes ripening beneath the hot summer sun. The shapes, colours and ... LEARN MORE



A turquoise sea bounded by ochre cliffs and soft, sandy beaches. Bunches of grapes ripening beneath the hot summer sun. The shapes, colours and ... LEARN MORE



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The light more than pure
Over dry land
I want the sing, the air, the anemone, the jellyfish
The cutout of stones over the sea

A man over drawn hill
The transparent afternoon of spiders
The light more than pure
Break your spear

Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen
Portuguese Poet

See you soon! The Algarve will be waiting for you!