Important Information

Informação Importante

As you all know, the current situation worldwide, without precedents, is of daily uncertainties, full of doubts and with new information arriving at each minute.

Since day 1 we have been trying to deal with the current situation, and with all the challenges that come from it, in accordance with the best interest of our guests and team. The safety of our guests and team is always a daily priority and during these days this priority made more sense than ever!

We have followed all the recommendations of the official health entities, set up a contingency plan, informed our guests and team and dealt with each question and doubt individually.

Fortunately we have an amazing team, that can cope with any situation, and amazing guests, that are making of the hashtag #DontCancelPostpone a reality.

We truly believe that exceptional times requires exceptional measures. As so, we must do our part to protect our guests, team, families, friends, partners and suppliers and close temporarily all our hotel units.

A decision like this has a major impact in everyone we are trying to protect - guests, team, families, friends, partners and suppliers - however is needed for us all to overcome these difficult times.

We hope that this closure will be as short as possible and that allow us to overcome this situation as best we can.

And don’t forget, this is not a “Goodbye”, it’s just a “See you soon”!

#DontCancelPostpone #CantSkipHope