3HB Hotels focuses on the environment and takes its conservation and community awareness very seriously in order to protect the beauty and health of landscapes for our future generations. It is very important for us to encourage our guests to participate in the definition of environmental measures and stress the importance of protecting it. For this reason we have implemented over the last few years at 3HB Golden Beach the Travelife Program. Our actions are aimed at meeting the requirements and objectives of global environmental protection organizations.

The following activities and areas are particularly important to us:

  • Energy and water: we try to consume as little energy and water as possible and use renewable energy sources whenever possible.
  • Garbage and recycling: garbage separation and recycling helps show young people and other guests in a visual way to be careful about using our planet’s resources.
  • Transport: we provide comprehensive information about public transport available in the area and encourage customers arriving by car to explore the area using these same transports.


3HB Golden Beach, aware of the need to carry out its activities with appropriate respect for the environment, is committed to complying with the following environmental principles:

  1. Rationalize and make good use of natural resources, in order to reduce the impact on the environment by minimizing resource consumption, promoting energy saving and efficiency in their facilities.
  2. Continuously improve and prevent pollution, by implementing the necessary measures to reduce the negative environmental effects, preventing possible accidents with environmental impact.
  3. Continually update the environmental program, setting objectives and targets as part of our environmental management system.
  4. Continually adapt to environmental legislation and related regulations, and other requirements that must be met by the company.
  5. Promote environmental education and awareness of our employees, as well as our customers in relation to environmental protection, providing information on all actions carried out within our company.
  6. Promote the local development, contracting local people, and purchasing goods with preference by local suppliers. Supporting local associations and local events.


According to the basic principles, 3HB Golden Beach management is committed to meeting the following policies:

  1. Treatment: Ensure a positive, respectful, supportive and fair work environment where employees differences are respected, valued and utilized to create a productive and collaborative workplace. No discrimination due to nationality, social group, age, sex, disability, religion or harassment is allowed. It aims to establish health and safety conditions needed in jobs.
  2. Employment: Selection and recruitment procedures must to ensure equal opportunities. All applicants must be evaluated with clear criteria in order to identify the ideal skills for the vacancy, as well as to ensure strict compliance with the legislation on recruitment.
  3. Development: Encourage the professional development of employees with clear objectives, as well as to be able to provide training actions that works as a key element for continuous improvement.
  4. Payment Policy: To ensure internal equity, starting salaries are determined based on the applicant’s prior experience and/or education directly related to the position.
  5. Labour Relationships: Recognize the right of association and trade union membership by establishing a relationship of dialogue and cooperation with unionized employees.



  • Suitability of the product.
  • Distribution capacity, supply and logistics as required.
  • Prazos de entrega.
  • Quality standards.
  • Management of quality and price-product yield.
  • Sanitary registration assurance and product datasheet.
  • Responsiveness to unexpected (alteration products or occupation peaks).
  • Age of the relationship with the company.
  • Guarantee compliance with national and international standards in all aspects, including in the field of Occupational Risk Prevention.


  • In Local Development
    • Prioridade na aquisição de produtos locais (Compromisso do 3HB Golden Beach com a Comunidade).
  • In Environmental Protection
    • Cleaning products and detergents environmentally friendly.
    • No use of chemicals considered harmful to public health and the environment.
    • Purchase of products of the season, for example in the case of fruit.
    • Reduction of consumption of threatened marine species.
  • In Waste Management
    • Purchase of products in large format and concentrated products, thus avoiding individual packages and minimizing the frequency of transport.
    • Guarantee of the collection of hazardous waste by authorised entities.
  • In the conservation of Natural Resources
    • Acquisition of low-energy equipment.
    • Acquisition of low water consumption equipment.


Our aim is client satisfaction.

In order to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, quality management is based on the objectives and following commitments:

  1. Establish close and constant contact with customers.
  2. Objectively measure the customer satisfaction level as the basis for achieving continuous improvement in our products and services.
  3. Promote interactive management and teamwork, while encouraging the work, training and continuous learning.
  4. Distinguish ourselves through our service. Our team goal is:
    • Pay close attention to small detail
    • Be courteous and friendly to the customer. Every customer should feel at home and that he is the most important person.
    • Show sympathy
    • And above all, show a genuine SMILE
  5. Ensure quality of service, maintaining profitability margins that allow growth and generate wealth, according to the Basic Principles.
  6. Comply with the relevant regulatory legal requirements and commitments made by the company.
  7. Continuously improve the efficiency of management processes.



he management of 3HB Golden Beach understands that it is essential to ensure Food Safety in all processes of food handling, preparation and service. To this do so, it undertakes to comply with the following principles:

  1. To protect customers and employees to possible risks result of the preparation, handling and food service.
  2. Guarantee that the existing legal requirements for food safety are followed.
  3. Develop and continuously improve food hygiene control systems applied (HACCP and Hygiene Plans) in our company.
  4. To provide customers guarantee of quality of products used, facilitating their accessibility and information about them.
  5. Involve staff as key piece. Train and raise awareness about the personal importance of their contribution to food security, through continuous training.


As an institution we are committed to stand in favor of children’s rights. We stand against any kind of activity that goes against the children’s right, such as:

  1. The unconditional worst forms of child labour, which are internationally defined as slavery, trafficking, debt bondage and other forms of forced labour, forced recruitment of children for use in armed conflict, prostitution and pornography, and illicit activities.
  2. Labour performed by a child who is under the minimum age specified for that kind of work (as defined by national legislation, in accordance with accepted international standards), and that is thus likely to impede the child’s education and full development.
  3. Labour that jeopardizes the physical, mental or moral well-being of a child, either because of its nature or because of the conditions in which it is carried out, known as “hazardous work”.

It is requested that in the event of any abnormal situation or suspicion of ill-treatment of children, please contact the hotel management to take the necessary measures.

Our policy has been communicated to all our staff and is available to the public, our customers and our employees.

Want to learn more about our sustainability policy? Click here to access the report.

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