Algarve is running for World's Leading Beach Destination!

O Algarve está nomeado para melhor destino de praia do mundo!

We all know that the Algarve is already considered one of the most prestigious and renown Europe’s beach destinations. But did you know that it was now nominated by World Travel Awards for World’s Leading Beach Destination 2019? The winner will be chosen through an online vote that ends on October 20th and the results will be known on November 28th.

We had already left you here on the blog 6 suggestions of beaches near Olhos de Água and today we leave you here some more suggestions only in the Albufeira council so that you can visit and understand better why Algarve is a nominee for such a prestigious award as the World’s Leading Beach Destination:


Coelha beach

Where is it: about 5 km from Albufeira.

It is framed in a spectacular setting! It is a small beach protected from the wind with very calm waters and surrounded by cliffs and a not very large but cozy beach.


São Rafael beach

Where is it: about 6 km from Albufeira.

It is situated in the middle of the cliffs and has a huge expanse of sand and a great diversity of natural rock formations. Having a large amount of submerged rocks and abundant marine life is one of the recommended beaches for scuba diving.


Arrifes beach

Where is it: about 6 km from Albufeira.

It is one of the smallest beaches in the municipality of Albufeira and its beauty stands out for that, because it is a small bay sheltered from the winds by low cliffs where natural wells and arches are visible in the rocky walls.


Castelo beach

Where is it: a cerca de 8 km de Albufeira.

It is known as Praia do Castelo (Castle beach), because the rock formation in which it is involved is reminiscent of the castle walls stretching into hidden corners and beautiful little coves.


Salgados beach

Where is it: about 13 km from Albufeira.

Salgados beach has a long sandy beach and differs from the other beaches of Albufeira, because it has a roughest sea and because instead of rock formations is wrapped in a huge golden dune cordon. The beach is recommended for water sports.


Rocha Baixinha beach

Where is it: about 13 km from Albufeira.

This beach is further away from the center of Albufeira. It is a very long sandy beach with a unique landscape. It is the perfect beach for families with children.


Peneco beach

Where is it: about 3 km from Albufeira.

Peneco beach is also known as the Tunnel Beach since it is through a tunnel that you reach the beach next to one of the most touristic and bustling areas of Albufeira's old town.


Fisherman's beach

Where is it: about 2 km from Albufeira.

Fisherman's Beach is next to Peneco Beach. Access to the beach can even be done via escalators! Since it is an urban beach it is a very touristic and bustling beach.


Galé beach

Where is it: about 10 km from Albufeira.

It has a beautiful landscape given its location on the golden cliffs and various rock formations. It is a recommended beach for water sports lovers.


Aveiros beach

Where is it: about 4 km from Albufeira.

Aveiros beach is surrounded by cliffs and has a small sandy beach which makes it a very welcoming beach and perfect for diving.


We will be back soon with some more beaches suggestions and other suggestions in the Algarve!  In the meanwhile don't forget to vote for World’s Leading Beach Destination:



Enjoy your holidays!