Loyalty Programme



It is always with great satisfaction and pride that we welcome back guests that return to our units after previous visits!

The creation of the Loyalty Programme '3HB LOVERS' is our way of recognizing and rewarding the trust of the guests who trust us year after year.

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As part of the '3HB LOVERS' family you will have a 10% discount over the best rate available in our website for all bookings made directly with our reservations department (by phone or email), as well as direct access to special offers for members and exclusive information.

10% Discount on Bookings

Over the best price available on our website (conditions according to the rate chosen), valid only for bookings made directly with our Reservations Department (by phone or email).


Special offers created exclusively for members of the '3HB LOVERS' program and to which you will have access by email.


First-hand access to all our news and exclusive information!



it works

Subscription is free! You can register at any of our units or online through our website.

After being registered you will receive the confirmation by email along with your virtual card. From that moment you can start enjoying all the advantages of being part of the '3HB LOVERS' family.

The offer is valid for bookings made directly with our Reservations Department by phone or email. To make reservations or to get more information just contact our Reservations Department.